About Chris Hudson Why Make Pictures?

A strong image is a universally beautiful article. It can tell stories, document history and even inspire ideas. Regardless of whether we're looking at the cover of Life Magazine, a city billboard or in the pages of a family photo album, we'll all occasionally pause to really look at a photograph.

As a photographer, I'm fascinated by the qualities that make such pictures so remarkable. This fascination permeates all aspects of my work, from the design to the execution of every image I make.

About Chris Hudson

When making promos for Comedy Central, Chris was a one man photographic powerhouse who was able to capture the atmosphere of the shoot and deliver the perfect set of images for our needs.

Steve Seller, Promotional Director Comedy Central

Chris' photography has continuously caught the energy, excitement and unpredictability of Tin Horse Theatre's performances with an eye for aesthetic quality we could never have dreamed of.

Aaron Minnigin, Creative Director Tin Horse Theatre

Working as a session musician in London, Monte Carlo and throughout Europe, I've not worked with anyone who has such professionalism and passion for music photography.

Rob Wilcox, Band Leader Comedy Central

Chris can be relied upon to strive for outstanding results, no matter the brief or situation.

Adam Johnson, Artistic Director Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra (Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra)

Bespoke Portraiture

Tailored portraits that are as unique as you. Every picture created is considered, tailored and designed to show its subject in the very best manner possible.

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Breathtaking Press Kits

Whether your project is a creative company, business or artistic endeavour, show it off with promotional imagery that will communicate the very best aspects of your brand.

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Spectacular Event Imagery

Timeless event photography that captures the perfect narrative of weddings, special occasions and corporate events.

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